May 16, 2014


Watch Black Veil Brides Get Rescued From Drowning on an Aussie Reality TV Show

Jake Pitts and Jeremy "Jinxx" Ferguson from Hollywood metal act Black Veil Brides learned the hard way that they should stick to shredding on their guitars instead of shredding waves. 

The two musicians went surfing at Bondi Beach, a popular attraction for many international bands visiting Australia, and apparently were overmatched by a rip tide. They ended up too far from shore and were spotted by a lifeguard named Azza from reality TV series Bondi Rescue. 

Azza swam out to help Pitts and Ferguson and admits he mistook them for two girls—"As I got closer I realized they were actually guys"—and helped them back to shore without any injuries or drama. His description of the event is also pretty hilarious: "The fellas were from a rock band, the Black Veil Brides. It kinda suits, because we did think they were both female." Watch the video above to see the whole thing play out (start around the 2:30 mark).

An Aussie website has compiled a few screenshots and choice quotes from the video into funny meme-ish images, so check those out because you just never know when you'll need them. BVB have been working on a new album, doing pre-production a few months ago, so the follow-up to Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones should be out later this year.