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7 Bounce Artists You Need To Hear Now

Azz everywhere! Explore the New Orleans underground hip hop scene with this handy guide

You know and love Big Freedia—she's the biggest name in the bounce music world! But did you know the genre has a long history? Azz spans decades! What more could you expect from the vivacious city of New Orleans? We've rounded up a list of the biggest names in bounce for ya. Prepare to wow your friends with knowledge of a flourishing and fascinating underground hip hop scene! 

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Katey Red

You might recognize Katey Red from last season of Big Freedia. The lady pioneered the sissy bounce genre (bounce music featuring openly gay rappers) and helped launch Freedia's career in NOLA. Red is big personality, big hair and big fun. While she still runs under the radar, her music just seems to get better with age. Check it out above!

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Sissy Nobby

Other than Katey Red and Freedia, Sissy Nobby is probably the biggest name in the sissy bounce community. Nobby started in the heyday of bounce—the '80s—and continues to perform regularly. He recently collaborated with Kreayshawn and is currently on tour with indie electric duo CocoRosie. Impressive stuff!

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DJ Jubilee

DJ Jubliee basically invented twerking. Ok, not totally, but his super successful 1993 single  "Do The Jubilee All" contains the first recorded mention of the word. Really! Someone tell Miley Cyrus she owes this guy. 

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Choppa has enjoyed an extensive career—the New Orleans rapper was going to settle for nothing less than success. Originally signing with local label Take Fo' (known for their involvement with the bounce community), Choppa scored a deal with Cash Money before eventually joining Universal. His style of hip hop is a bit different than Katey Red or any other main player in the sissy community. It's slower and closer to Top 40 rap, but his signature single "Choppa Style" is pure bounce.

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Ha Sizzle

Ha Sizzle regularly performs with Katey Red and Big Freedia in his native New Orleans, delivering the same sexual energy to the stage. He's also one of the few to leave his native town, bringing bounce to Houston, TX. Perhaps a subgenre will be born?

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Big Choo

Bounce has a rich history, but that doesn't mean it's stagnant. Big Choo is one of the younger rappers on the scene and he takes azz very seriously. Check out his spitfire lines in "Spin Dat Ass." If that's not convincing enough, he remixed the theme song from Reading Rainbow for the opening of a New Orleans Public Library, which is as awesome as it is adorable.

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MC T. Tucker & DJ Irv

Where to end but at the beginning? MC T. Tucker & DJ Irv released a cassette-only single called "Where Dey At" in 1991, which is largely considered the bounce genre's first release. That said, many of the players on this list where experimenting with hip hop in the '80s—this bad boy is just considered the launching pad. Disclaimer: it sounds delightfully '90s. Get pumped.

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