May 29, 2014


Cody Simpson Remembers Meeting Rick Ross, Performing With Justin Bieber

In this edition of Backatcha, Australian pop star Cody Simpson recalls meeting Rick Ross and performing with Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen.

"I met Rick Ross in Memphis one time, at his studio I think it was. He said, 'You look like a guy I gotta get a photo with' and I said, 'So do you!' So we snapped a photo."

Simpson is no stranger to surrounding himself with other famous people. "I was on tour in the US with Carly Rae Jepsen and she asked me to come up on stage with her for her hit "Good Time" because Owl City wasn't there to do it with her. She was a lot of fun to perform with."

Simpson is a big fan of Bieber, and the appreciation is mutual. "Justin Bieber came out on stage with me at my show in L.A. at Nokia. I invited him to come check out the show and he came and was sitting side stage. He came out during my 'Pretty Brown Eyes' performance. It was pretty cool. He always comes out and shows his love."

The singer concludes the segment by looking at a baby photo. "This photo is with me and my little sister as we were taking our little swimming lessons in the very first house we lived in back in Australia. I thought I was pretty stylish in my little blue goggles." Get ready to awwww!

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