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The Definitive Ranking of Fictional Musicians in Disney Movies

You know the movies, the TV shows, the music... but do you know which fake Disney bands were good enough to make it in real life? Check out our ranking of the best made-up musicians Disney ever created!

11 / 11

Christopher Wilde from 'Starstruck'

Oh, Christopher Wilde. Those baby blues and that croon could make anyone's heart melt. They do, but when you're facing competition like the Jonas Brothers—who have the ability to turn any teen into a puddle of a person—sometimes being Starstruck just isn't enough.

10 / 11

Lemonade Mouth from 'Lemonade Mouth'

One of the least popular Disney flicks, Lemonade Mouth tells the tale of some delinquent kids looking to start a band after meeting in detention. They become wildly famous, going on to headline Madison Square Garden. The irony here is that while the group is perfectly catchy, Disney has created way better bands. You'll see!

9 / 11

Sidarthur from 'Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen'

The one bummer part of Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen is that we never actually get to hear Sidarthur from Sidarthur—the hits are filtered through Lindsay Lohan. It's not a bad thing, but hearing the young actress sing the lines "People are waiting to sparkle" is kinda, well, strange.

8 / 11

The Cheetah Girls from 'The Cheetah Girls'

Arguably the most successful "band" on this list (they did tour, after all!) the Cheetah Girls weren't just a group featured in a film—they were the film! Teen dreams of success fueled this film, but these ladies showed us the most important part about being in a band: the friends you make!

7 / 11

Connect 3 from 'Camp Rock'

Not sure if this one counts because, you know, Connect 3 are technically the Jonas Brothers BUT Camp Rock had tons of original music that sort of lived and died on screen. Bummer, but at least we have the memories!

6 / 11

Isabella Parigi from 'The Lizzie McGuire Movie'

Before Hilary Duff had a singing career, she was best known for her role in the hit Disney Channel series Lizzie McGuire. The tween-centric program was so popular it eventually landed Duff her own movie, the creatively titled The Lizzie McGuire Movie. In it, our heroine journeys to Rome on a class trip and eventually gets mistaken for Isabella Parigi, a fictional Italian pop star. The girl can sing!

5 / 11

Stick Hippo from 'Prom'

Prom is one of the more recent Disney teen flicks, so we won't reprimand you if you haven't seen it. The band of choice here is Stick Hippo, who only have one song—and it's self-titled. While that might not seem impressive, the track is a straightforward power-pop-punk song. Think Green DayBlink-182. We're not complaining! 

4 / 11

Flypaper from 'The Princess Diaries'

We don't get to hear much of Flypaper in The Princess Diaries but we do get to swoon over floppy-haired Michael Moscovitz (played by Rooney frontman Robert Schwartzman!) Sounds like they were probably the quintessential garage band. The girl in the above clip says it best: "He fixes cars, he's plays guitar and he can sing. He is so hot." That he is.

3 / 11

Pink Slip from 'Freaky Friday'

Lindsay Lohan had to learn how to play guitar for this flick, so that right there should be enough to convince anyone of its greatness. Pink Slip are the high school garage band of pop-punk dreams, with original angsty jams like "Take Me Away" and the heartfelt "Ultimate." If they became a real band, you better believe that record would have sold. Is it too late to call LiLo?

2 / 11

Powerline from 'A Goofy Movie'

Alright, alright. I'm sure a lot of people would argue that Powerline is the top Disney musician. Heeeeeeello! He's basically an animated version of Prince (and also sort of a proto-Bruno Mars?!) And if you don't find Prince or Bruno Mars attractive/mind-blowingly talented, you're not human.

1 / 11

Proto Zoa from 'Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century'

"Zoom, zoom, zoom / You make my heart go boom, boom!" Proto Zoa might not have been the most eloquent lyricist, but he definitely knew how the heart worked. We all know that feeling of total infatuation! It's irrational and confusing but, you know, it can totally be boiled down to "boom, boom." All of his songs in the Zenon series were total jams AND he kind of looked like Ricky Martin. What more could you ask for?


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