May 30, 2014


Hold Up: Dr. Dre Isn't A Billionaire Just Yet

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images
Isaac Brekken/Getty Images didn't forget about Dre—they crunched the numbers via Wealth-X and came to the conclusion that the richest man in hip-hop hasn't yet reached a net worth that requires three commas in print. 

Despite the $3 billion deal he just reached with Apple for the sale of Beats Music and his recent claim that he's the "first billionaire in hip-hop," he's not quite there yet. At $790 million, Dr. Dre tops's Top 10 Richest Hip-Hop Artists list, but his empire still has $210 million to go before he hits that big B. 

Still, the Beats/Apple brought Dre to the top, edging out Revolt founder/Fiat enthusiast Diddy ($630 million) and Jay Z ($500 million). The Beats acquisition also has Dre joining Apple as a member of its executive board alongside Jimmy Iovine. He may not be a billionaire just yet, but given his new title and major tech moves, we wouldn't be surprised if those numbers spike in the not-so-distant future.