May 9, 2014


Drug-Free Breakfast Raves Are Real

These days in Brooklyn's oh-so-hip neighborhood of Williamsburg, select residents are rising as early as 6:30am to line up outside a gallery space called Kinfolk 94. They're there to exercise, but it's not your normal gym: These crazy kids are up early to rave. 

The party is called "Morning Gloryville" and it started a year ago in London. Upon entry, attendees are given leis and are offered massages from employees called "Wake Up Angels." There's a bar stocked only with coffee and the most nutritional juices (provided by "Juice Witches,") and there are "motivational dancers" that help get the party started. 

Basically, these kids are raving—totally sober—at seven in the morning. You can't make this stuff up.

The Daily Beast reports that this phenomenon is scheduled to hit Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Sydney, Perth and Zagreb this summer. 

Check out a clip of the rave above.