May 20, 2014


Good Charlotte's Joel and Benji Madden Announce Comeback Album


Lifestyles of the rich and the famous and they're not complaining! Joel and Benji Madden of veteran pop-punk band Good Charlotte have been recording under the name "the Madden Brothers" for a while now, even releasing a hip hop mixtape in 2011 titled Before The Fame: The Madden Brothers. It wasn't clear if the boys would record rock music again, or even if they would release a full-length... until now.

Alternative Press reports that J&B have signed to Capitol Records and will release an album titled Greetings From California... on October 7. The band's first single, "We Are Done," will drop June 2.

"The idea was to not hide behind a band name or a genre, but rather to write some songs, and find someone to record them and help us deliver the truest picture of who we are musically," Benji explained. The actual record will be pretty interesting—regardless of format, it's being recorded with two different "sides" in mind. One will be "sunny pop-rock" and the other "a blend of folk, Southern rock and ’70s-era FM pop." Whatever it is, we're sure it will be great!

What if One Direction make an appearance on the album? Eeeep!