May 6, 2014


Jack White's "Ultra" Edition of 'Lazaretto' Is Insane

Jack White has one-upped himself. 

Today, the guitar god announced an "ultra" vinyl version of his forthcoming album Lazaretto, which is quite extreme even by Jack White standards. 

The LP features two tracks hidden beneath the center label and three tracks hidden at different speeds, making this a "3-speed record." Thanks to "dual-groove technology," the album plays either an electric or acoustic intro to the song "Just One Drink." Plus, the vinyl edition it comes with a hand-etched hologram, a different running order than the CD/digital versions and unique mixes of the tracks.

Also, you'll have to start playing the vinyl from the inside of the album instead of the traditional way of putting the needle down at the edge and having it work inward. 

What would something like this cost fans? White's keeping it ultra-affordable: It's just $20.00

Lazaretto is the follow-up to White's Grammy-nominated 2012 album Blunderbuss. He recently released a recorded-and-pressed-in-one-day single of "Lazaretto" on Record Store Day. To further explain the madness behind the Lazaretto ultra edition, check out this trailer below: