May 19, 2014


Jay Z, Beyoncé and Solange Get Spoofed on 'Saturday Night Live'

It was only a matter of time before the comedic geniuses at Saturday Night Live got their hands on the Beyonce/Solange/Jay Z Met Gala fight.

In the skit Solange (played by Sasheer Zamata) and Jay Z (Jay Pharoah) explain that the infamous elevator altercation went down because of the rapper's arachnophobia. Who knew?

The pair reveal previously unreleased audio with Zamata yelling, "Oh my God, there's a spider on you!" and Pharoah responding with, "What? Get it! You know I hate spiders."

The real Jay/Bey/Solo released a statement last week, declaring that they have "moved on" from the incident. Phew!

Watch the hilarious clip above.