May 13, 2014


Surgical Bieber Look-Alike Raps Horrifying Anthem for Plastic Surgery

There's a new contender for Worst Music Video of All Time, and we have a trio of plastic surgery fetishists dolled up to look like Justin BieberMadonna and Jennifer Lawrence to thank for it.

Even if you don't know Toby Sheldon's name, you've undoubtedly heard of the 33-year-old man who spent over $100,000 ruining changing his face to look like Justin Bieber. After the Internet collectively asked him "why?", the pop star doppelganger turned to the art of song to explain his Bieber and Botox obsession.

The video opens with  Sheldon clunkily rapping over a bargain basement EDM beat: "A Belieber from Day 1 / Couldn't take what age had done / Jealous of his perfect face, I wished I could take his place / Doctors made my dreams come true, now I'm Justin Number 2!"

Obviously, comments have been disabled on this YouTube video.

The Bieber look-alike is joined by two other "singers" who've surgically altered their looks to resembled Madonna (former Ru Paul's Drag Race contestant Venus D'Lite) and Jennifer Lawrence (a woman going by the name Kitty Jay). With a healthy dose of Auto-Tune—plastic surgery for the musician's soul!—these two brag about their silicone breasts and surgically-enhanced bottoms, which harvests the remarkable lyric, "I got my butt done / Each cheek, it was painful."

The thesis of "The Plastics" is that you're more boring than these three because your face doesn't look like a melting statue at Madame Tussauds. To that end, the clip closes with a shout-out to the Dr. Frankensteins behind these faces, two doctors who should probably be prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

Experience the truly unforgettable anthem above.