May 7, 2014


Kanye & Kim's Vogue Didn't Outsell Beyoncé's, Despite Reports

Last week, industry rumors started bubbling that Kanye West & Kim Kardashian's Vogue cover story was on track to outsell Beyoncé's Vogue from last year. And considering Beyoncé is universally respected while Kim K is... not, those reports set Twitter aflame with outrage.

Well, the BeyHive can settle down, because more accurate figures have emerged, and those stats predict Kimye's issue of Vogue won't come anywhere near outselling Beyoncé's. Now don't you feel bad for doubting the Queen?

In an interview with the New York Post, Mag Net Data said figures they've collected from 98% of the magazine wholesale market indicate the Kimye Vogue—which is officially off shelves now—will sell about 250,000 copies.

Beyoncé's Vogue moved about 355,000 copies in 2013, which means early estimates that the Kimye Vogue would move more than 400,000 were extremely optimistic (perhaps those people haven't been paying attentions to KUWTK's steadily dropping ratings).

That being said, the power couple's controversial Vogue cover hardly bombed—it outsold Rihanna's recent Vogue cover "to the tune of 20 percent," said MagNet's VP Josh Gary. And it came close to matching the sales for Michelle Obama's 2013 Vogue cover. FYI, Vogue never officially releases its sales data, so all figures are based on industry insiders' research.  The lesson here is obvious: It might be hard to keep up with Kardashians, but keeping up with the Carter Dynasty is nearly impossible.