May 24, 2014


Kanye West Catches World Cup Fever with "God Level"

Kanye West isn't joining the roster of the official World Cup soundtrack just yet, but Adidas tapped Yeezus for their most recent ad, and it's serving as the official premiere of his latest, "God Level."

The dark and driving track is a perfect foil to the intensity brought forth by some of the best football players in the world as they prep for the World Cup gauntlet. Lionel Messi, David Villa, Dani Alves. Bastian Schweinsteiger and more square off on the pitch as Kanye spits fire about "sharks in the water," imagery that's just a bit too real given the fierce competition and cutting skill brought forth by the talents involved. The whole production has us hungry for kick-off. (And more new Kanye material, obviously.)

There's only a minute and change of "God Level" to listen to in the clip above, but hopefully we'll get the full track when Kanye's back from his honeymoon.