May 25, 2014


Kanye West And Kim Kardashian's Wedding Music: John Legend, Drake, Beyoncé, Jay Z, and Kanye

Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images
Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images

We figured that the Kimye nuptials wouldn't be complete without a rhyme or two provided by the man himself, and looks like that hunch was a good one. E! has released Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's wedding playlist, and it looks like the groom performed at the reception in Florence, Italy.

He wasn't alone, either: Kanye and Kim danced to John Legend's "All Of Me" because #feelingz (he was also in attendance and performed it live), Drake, a Jay Z/Kanye remix of "Drunk In Love" (even though the Carters bailed on the wedding) and tons of Otis Redding and Etta James and Stevie Wonder like any solid wedding dance floor should provide.

Kim probably threw some Lana Del Rey the DJ's way for good measure, given her and 'Ye's penchant for "Young and Beautiful"--it's her favorite song, and the happy couple brought Lana to Versailles to play their pre-wedding bash.

Now all we need is a honeymoon mixtape and the soundtrack to La Vie Kimye will be complete!