May 12, 2014


Is Katy Perry Ripping Off Lady Gaga's Vomit Act?

A new week is here, and with it come new accusations of Katy Perry ripping off Lady Gaga on her Prismatic World Tour.

Billboard reports that on Perry's new tour, a pre-taped video displays the pop star "vomiting paint" before getting splattered with more paint like a human Jackson Pollack. 

The latest copycat claim is in reference to Gaga's on-stage vomiting antics during her performance at this year's SXSW. Last week, Gaga backhandedly accused Perry of ripping off her green-hair look and use of "mechanical horses."

While fans can certainly make the connection that two major pop stars are both employing some form of green paint vomit in their acts, Perry's is really just some paint coming from her mouth for a few seconds, whereas Gaga literally had someone vomit on her during "Swine." This might be leap in puke logic.

But don't take our word for it. Compare and contrast below: