May 26, 2014


Listen To New Lana Del Rey Track "Shades Of Cool"

Chances are Lana Del Rey didn't play this for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian when she was tapped by the newly hitched couple for their pre-wedding bash in Versailles this weekend, but we bet they'd be into it. 

Ultraviolence is set for a June 13 release date, and "Shades Of Cool" is the latest offering from her hotly anticipated, Dan Auerbach-produced sophomore album. Thankfully, LDR's less about Benedrylchugcore this time around and more into dark, bluesy, all-so-mysterious lounge stylings straight out off a film noir soundtrack. 

Alongside "West Coast," "Shades Of Cool" makes for a promising preview to Lana's latest endeavor. Listen to the track in full; we wouldn't be surprised if a killer video follows it up in a little bit.