May 27, 2014


Laura Jane Grace Reconsiders Critical Views on Arcade Fire's "We Exist" Video

Getty Images, 2
Getty Images, 2

The great Laura Jane Grace/Arcade Fire feud of 2014 seems to have ended. 

Last week, the Against Me! frontwoman blasted the Canadian rock band for their "We Exist" video, which features actor Andrew Garfield dressing up in drag and wrestling with identity issues. She tweeted that the band should've hired an actual "trans" actor instead of using "Spider-Man." Over the weekend, Arcade Fire responded via The Advocate, saying that a lot of love went into the video, but that they could see the sensitivity. 

As Stereogum reports, she fired off another series of tweets criticizing the band's comments about her comments, but those have been deleted. At some point, she spoke with trans artist Our Lady J, who coached Garfield in the video and apparently changed Grace's thinking.  

Issue resolved? Who knows. Don't expect to see that Arcade Fire/Against Me! joint tour anytime soon. The video has over 2.2. million views at this point, but in case you haven't seen it yet, watch it below and decide for yourself: