May 10, 2014


Lorde Lists Off Her Favorite Arcade Fire Songs

Chelsea Lauren/WireImage
Chelsea Lauren/WireImage

We know that Lorde loves Patti Smith and hangs with Taylor Swift, and she's big on throwing a loving comment in the direction of musicians and like-minded artists she admires. Now, she's expressing her adoration for Arcade Fire: apparently, they're her favorite band, and she's shared a list of her favorite songs from the Canadian avant-pop dynamos in the current issue of Rolling Stone.

Turns out Lorde's been a fan long before Win Butler and company started working costume dress codes and giant papier-mâché heads into their live shows. Most of Lorde's favorites are off 2010's The Suburbs, though "Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)" from Funeral tops her list and she's dubbed "Afterlife" off Reflektor "a perfect song."

"Flashbulb Eyes" grew on her after she saw Arcade Fire live a few times, and as they've already shared stages at Coachella so far this year, we wouldn't be surprised if their star-studded sets in Indio had something to do with it. Listen to a Lorde + Arcade Fire 4EVA playlist here, and get ready for a trip back to The Suburbs a few tracks in.