May 4, 2014


Lorde Stands Up To "Stalker" Photographer Via Twitter

Chelsea Lauren/WireImage
Chelsea Lauren/WireImage

The presence of the paparazzi is an uncomfortable, unwelcome thing when an artist reaches a certain point of celebrity. Lorde isn't having it, and she turned the tables on a particularly creepy (from the sounds of it) photographer that's crossed her path.

Lorde took to Twitter last night to vent about Simon Runting, a photographer who she claims is "stalking" her and "refusing [her] privacy." Lorde then posted numerous shots of Runting, along with a photo he'd taken of Rihanna and a link to his Facebook page.

Lorde isn't one to put up with invasive behavior, and her Twitter stand hardly comes as a surprise: she put a DJ in his place earlier this year when asked if she was "together" with Taylor Swift, and she previously told Fuse News that she has a "low tolerance for stupid people."

Hopefully, Runting steers clear of the New Zealander pop star. In the meantime, good on you, Lorde, for sticking up for yourself and your safety.