May 30, 2014


Luke Bryan Is Bad At Gravity: Watch Him Fall While Dancing to Macklemore

Erika Goldring/Getty Images
Erika Goldring/Getty Images

Last night in Charlotte, NC, Luke Bryan was dancing like a dweeb and covering Macklemore when he took one wrong step and wound up smashing his face into the merciless ground of the photo pit. 

Falling off stage is an occupational hazard and not one that's particularly uncommon for rock stars, and apparently Bryan had to get stitches for his dive. But Bryan's apparently really, really good at tripping over his own feet and forgetting how gravity works when he's performing.

Here's Bryan in Charlotte taking a tumble in the middle of "Can't Hold Us":

And in slow-mo:

And earlier this year in Greensboro, NC, except this time, stairs are hard:

And again while covering "Baby Got Back." Luke, we're thinking that if you keep eating it while covering some of the most cringeably cover-able songs ever, you should probably stop—for both your own safety and the greater good, buddy.