May 26, 2014


Macaulay Culkin's Pizza Underground Takes A Beer Shower Before Getting Booed Offstage

Josh Brasted/Getty Images
Josh Brasted/Getty Images

Pizza and beer are one of the most classic food/beverage pairings imaginable. Pizza Underground and beer, though? That's an embarrassing situation, or at least it was for Macauley Culkin and his Velvet Underground cover band at England's Dot to Dot Festival.

The Pizza Underground--which has played SXSW and a handful of dates with nothing more than a bunch of Velvet Underground songs with pizza-themed edits, some maracas and a pizza box with a drumstick for percussion--was booed off the stage in Nottingham last night after the audience started chucking beers at the band. They barely made it through a one song before shuffling back to the green room, where Culkin probably didn't gaze at a pizza box in a state of wonderment. No word yet as to whether or not the song they did get to sing was "Take A Bite Of A Wild Slice," but either way, Pizza Underground were received as warmly as an hour-late Papa John's delivery.