May 19, 2014


Watch Michael Jackson Hologram's Full Performance at Billboard Music Awards

UPDATE: The Billboard Music Awards resurrected Michael Jackson on Sunday night for a special performance of the Xscape track "Slave to the Rhythm," made possible through the power of holograms. You can watch the entire performance above. 

Jackson Family lawyer John Branca said the costly hologram was in the works since late 2013. He also told The Hollywood Reporter (presumably with a straight face?) that, "It's so important to experience Michael Jackson in a live setting."

Original Story: Despite the lawsuit snafu that's cropped up between hologram magicians (or something), it looks like the Billboard Music Awards will be going off without a hitch this evening, so far--and they'll include a very special number involving a holographic Michael Jackson.

"Slave to The Rhythm will be one of the facets of the BBMAs tonight in Las Vegas, but this performance, chock full of technology that's reportedly "so spectacular and groundbreaking," was meant to be a surprise for viewers. The BBMAs producers were hoping to keep this a secret until showtime, but news of the performance leaked when two different hologram companies filed a lawsuit in hopes of blocking Hologram MJ last week. (One of the parties involved, Hologram USA Inc., was working with a patent from Digital Domain, which created the infamous Tupac Shakur hologram previously spotted at Coachella in 2012.) They failed to convince the judge that the BBMAs were in the wrong, so the Gloved One will appear as planned in all his holographic glory.