May 25, 2014


Miley Cyrus Granted Restraining Order Against Fan/Stalker

William A Parker/GC Images
William A Parker/GC Images

Miley Cyrus and her team have been granted a temporary restraining order against Devon Meek, a fan who's been pursuing the pop star in hopes of meeting her.

Authorities have detained Devon Meek in Sierra Vista, Arizona, and he's since been placed in a psychiatric hospital after he was found outside of a property he believed to be owned by Cyrus. According to the filings made by Cyrus' attorney, Meek has said that he won't take the hint following his release. He later made comments indicating that he'll continue to look for Cyrus after he's out, and that authorities should "shoot him in the head if he couldn't meet Cyrus." Meek also believes that Cyrus is communicating him through her music.

From Detective Rosibel Smith's statement: "Mr. Meek stated that when he is released from the hospital, he will not stop seeking Ms. Cyrus and that he will continue to go to Ms. Cyrus' residence until Ms. Cyrus accepts him or he dies."

Cyrus' team has yet to comment on the matter. On June 16, there will be a hearing to determine whether or not the restraining order will be extended for three years.