May 3, 2014


Nicki Minaj and Soulja Boy Collaborate On "Yasss Bish!!"

The Pink Print isn't even out for another six months, but Nicki Minaj is wasting no time in making sure everyone's talking about her next Young Money joint.

Minaj posted "Yasss Bish!!" and this shot of herself and Soulja Boy last night, and the collab's got a couple surprising twists. In between fiery verses, Minaj slips in a line about dropping her new single two weeks from now and manages to launch rumors about drug use ("And I am still/poppin' them pills/I don't give a f--k how you bitches feel") in four minutes flat. We're doubting she's the new owner of the Clippers even though she rhymes about it, but hey, we'd like to see that bidding war go down between her, Diddy, Rick Ross and Mindy Kaling.

Apparently, Minaj has got a score to settle--"Tell 'em give a bad bitch her proper due/What they say ain't never what they gon' do--and The Pink Print sounds like it's out to do that one track at a time.

"Yasss Bish!!" follows the explosive (and controversial) "Chi-Raq." Give the new track a listen below.