May 14, 2014


One Direction Not Filming Sequel to 'This Is Us'

Karwai Tang/WireImage
Karwai Tang/WireImage

UPDATE: A Columbia Records rep has confirmed that the Spurlock quotes confirming a One Direction film sequel are, in fact, fake. The label told Billboard "[Spurlock] is not involved with any filming with the band. There's always filming on the road, but not for a second feature film."

Original Story: Other than the boys' massive international summer tour and an upcoming album, Directioners having something fantastic to look forward to! In an interview with U.K.'s Mirror, This Is Us director Morgan Spurlock confirms a theatrical follow-up is in the works.

"At this moment Ben Winston is with the band on their [Where We Are] world tour filming what happens," the Super Size Me director explained. "He worked with me and is a great producer."

So that means if you catch 1D on tour in 2014, there's a chance you'll end up on the silver screen in a One Direction documentary!

The reason for the One Direction sequel? Simon Cowell, of course! 

"I know [producer] Simon Cowell wants the band to get awards for this and was upset when they missed out on being nominated in the music category for an Oscar," he stated. "[Best Song Ever] was a good song and I was surprised that they weren't even considered. This time he will want them to try again."

Maybe "You & I" will be the song to do it?