May 3, 2014


Watch Riff Raff (And Ladies) Snap Selfies In "Instagram"

Riff Raff is a super enthusiastic social media fan and an epic tweeter, so it's no surprise that Mr. Highroller and DJ Noodles wrote an ode to the girls who keep the feed of his favorite photo-sharing app so damn likeable.

Riff spends the video posing alongside some photogenic ladies, flipping through a bunch of filters and putting the selfie to shame while shopping for stupid expensive cars in between tour footage clips. If we had to pick an Insta shade for the jewels, pools, private jets and waaaay too many duck faces strewn about "Instagram," we'd probably go with X Pro II to get that diamond sheen poppin' just right.

Riff Raff is set to (finally) drop Neon Icon via Mad Decent in June. "Instagram" follows up Neon Icon's first single, the DJ Mustard production "How To Be The Man," which also spent plenty of lines on jewels and pools. Hopefully the cover art for the record involves both with a Lo-Fi or Hefe glow.