May 15, 2014


The 10 Sappiest Coldplay Lyrics of All Time

Christie Goodwin/WireImage
Christie Goodwin/WireImage

Coldplay's known for their melancholy lyrics, as we've noted with 2014's doozy of a heartbreaker Ghost Stories. But writing gut-punching, sad-sack lyrics is nothing new for Chris Martin and co. In fact, they've pretty much built their whole catalog around the idea of falling in love, staying in love, loving being in love, and hating falling out of love.  

We combed through the lyrics of every Coldplay song on their studio albums (no B-sides were considered... this time) to come up with the definitive ranking of the 10 sappiest lyrics Martin's ever crooned at us. Grab a box of tissues and dig in. 

#1"Parachutes" ('Parachutes')

Lyric: "In a haze of stormy haze / I'll be round / I'll be loving you always, always / Here I am and I take my time / Here I am and I'll wait in line always, always"

Analysis: Early Coldplay was a lot more vague, but this choice bit from the first album's title track invokes important concepts: Storms and the ability to always wait for your love.

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