May 9, 2014


Simon Cowell Sees Animated Movies As the Future of Hit Music

Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Is Simon Cowell feeling a bit cartoonish after seeing the runaway success of Frozen

It would appear so. Billboard reports that the influential television producer/talent scout is turning to animated films along the lines of Frozen and Despicable Me 2 to mine the next great pop hits. His company Syco Entertainment has teamed up with Animal Logic Entertainment (who recently struck gold with The Lego Movie and Happy Feet) to produce "music-based animated films" and "hybrid animation/live-action movies." 

"These musical animations are doing great box office," Cowell said in the newest issue of Billboard. "From a record label standpoint, we're always looking for different ways to sell music and do it in a cool way. This is something we dreamt of doing."

Billboard notes that this is the first foray for Cowell into visual media since Fox cancelled his singing competition series The X Factor at the end of 2013. 

"Films are a great vehicle for breaking records," he continued. "Using Frozen as an example, the movie pushed the music and the music enhanced the movie. I think that's how we're going to work." 

It's not surprising that Cowell would want to jump into this market by any means, especially since the Frozen soundtrack has dominated record sales in ways that artists from The X Factor and American Idol are struggling to.