May 5, 2014


Sony Creates Cassette That Can Hold 64,750,000 Songs

William Andrew/Getty Images
William Andrew/Getty Images

Listen up, nostalgia fanatics and technology purists! We've got a new one for ya. Sony has breathed new life into the cassette, unveiling a tape that can hold 148 gigabytes per square inch of tape. That's 185 terrabytes of total data, which is 74 times the amount of data a normal tape can hold. See you never, iPod!

ITWorld explains how the magic device operates. "By tweaking the sputter conditions and developing a soft magnetic underlayer on the film, the manufacturer was able to create a layer of fine magnetic particles with an average size of 7.7 nanometers."

Although the tape will eventually be available for commercial sale, there's no word on when the public can buy one, or how much it might cost. But given that one cassette can hold 64,750,000 songs, expect interest (and the price) to be high. 

Consequence of Sound reports a single cassette can last you a whooping 8,093,750 days, or hold 18.5 versions of the Library of Congress. That's a lot of media. Now where did we put that Walkman...