May 5, 2014


Watch Ben Folds, Jordin Sparks Audition for the 'Star Wars' Cantina Band

Ever watch Stars Wars and think, "Man, my favorite musician would make a killer addition to the Cantina band"? 

Nope? Me either, but the folks at College Humor sure did! In this humorous clip, every musician ever auditions for the sought-after Mos Eisley gig, some better than others.

Chris Daughtry appears as "Chris Darthry," Liz Phair embraces her hippie/earth conscious side and "Jessie's Girl" scribe Rick Springfield even makes an appearance. The list goes on and on: American Idol's Jordin Sparks, Ben Folds, Lisa Loeb, Mark McGrath and Reggie Watts of Comedy Bang! Bang! all try out for the alien jazz band.

Watch the hilarious video above!