May 18, 2014


Surprise! Foo Fighters Took Over New Orleans' Preservation Hall Last Night

The French Quarter in New Orleans got significantly louder last night, and it had nothing to do with drunken debauchery on Bourbon Street. The Foo Fighters set up shop at Preservation Hall earlier this week, where they began a massive endeavor: they're recording eight sessions in eight cities with notable musicians from each place, and the result will culminate in their next album. Cut to last night, where a single Tweet had Foo fans flocking to the Big Easy: 

Apparently, the scene was such a madhouse that getting into Preservation Hall was pretty much impossible (unless you're Anderson Cooper, who's working on a 60 Minutes segment on the band at present). The set could be heard from the street, and Stereogum's gone to the trouble of culling some on-the-scene videos from the lucky few who watched the set from the screens of their smartphones. (From the looks of it, the most complete capture from the show is split between the two clips shot over the course of "Monkey Wrench.")

The footage from New Orleans and the forthcoming sessions shot in different cities will likely be featured in the HBO show that's following Dave Grohl throughout this process, so if you missed out on the Foos' NOLA takeover, don't fret: you'll finally get to use your roommate's HBO GO password to watch something other than Game of Thrones in the near future.