May 16, 2014


Will Ferrell Targeting RHCP's Chad Smith in 'Tonight Show' Drum Battle

Jesse Grant
Jesse Grant

The battle of our generation is about to begin.

The eerily similar-looking Will Ferrell and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith will FINALLY enter into a fight to the finish next week... with Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon as the emcee.

Ferrell and Smith are set to face-off on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon "to settle who's the better drummer once and for all" next Thursday, May 22. Given Ferrell's penchant for cowbell and complete ineptitude at the skins—"There's no amount of practice that would help me become a good drummer" he tells Rolling Stone—it's a good bet the Anchorman star will pit cowbell vs. drums during their percussive duel.

In case you missed the background, here's why is this happening. When the Chili Peppers rocked this year's Super Bowl, a lot of people pointed out how much Smith was starting to resemble the former SNL star. Ferrell joked that he actually was Chad Smith, but the Peppers' drummer wasn't having it. In a Funny or Die video, Smith fired shots at Ferrell, saying, "I've seen your skills, and you don't got 'em." Now, Ferrell is accepting Smith's challenge on national TV—incidentally, they both helped raise $300,000 for charity in preparation for this battle.

We can't wait for things to get Dumb & Drummer next week.