May 25, 2014


Wiz Khalifa Arrested For Pot Possession; Snaps Jail Selfies

via @wizkhalifa/Twitter
via @wizkhalifa/Twitter

It's going to be tough to make it through this post without making 912 puns, so let's get them all out of the way now: Wiz Khalifa was arrested and detained for marijuana possession, though it's unclear if he wound up snapping some cell-fies over 28 Grams. Get it?! Sigh.

But really, though, jail is no laughing matter. Wiz, who was en route to the Neon Desert music festival in El Paso, Texas, was cuffed and thrown in the clink, and apparently his phone wasn't seized, as he was tweeting and snapping selfies from his jail cell.

Well, hey. At least the cops in El Paso have been nice enough.