June 7, 2014


50 Cent Channels Angelina For "Malefiftycent" on Jimmy Kimmel Live

He's thrown one of the worst pitches in the history of baseball, he's set the record straight on Aziz Ansari's purple grapefruit juice allegations, and he's celebrated the release of his first record in five years, Animal Ambition. It's been a really, really silly month for 50 Cent, and things just got goofier with his take on the latest Disney blockbuster.

As the promo blast behind Animal Ambition continues, 50 Cent stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live this week and offered up his best Angelina Jolie impression for a "Malefiftycent" sketch. In it, he dons Maleficent's cape and horns, turns a whole forest inside out and throws some evil cackles Sleeping Beauty's way: "I've been shot nine times! I'm not afraid of no little white girl!" 

We're kind of loving 50's new comedic zeal. Here's hoping he keeps it up long after Animal Ambition and well into his inevitable tour.