June 24, 2014


Adam Levine Will Never Reveal Where Maroon 5 Got Their Name

"You're getting heavy with me right now." 

When Adam Levine stopped by Late Show with David Letterman last night, the talk show host hadn't brought up a painful memory from Levine's past or a relationship that had gone sour. He didn't even bring up Levine's recent foray into foil highlights. The "heavy" conversation topic was simply about how Maroon 5 got their name, and it's a sore subject for The Voice's resident rocker.

"I won't tell you where the name came from... it was my idea never to tell anybody." Levine goes on to explain why the origins of Maroon 5's band name will remain a secret, because the name was borne from a story so "uneventful, boring, stupid" that it "makes me feel bad about myself."

"The origin of the name is so bad, it's such a horrendous story, that we decided that shrouding it in mystery will make it a better story than the actual story. And it works!"

Good talk, Adam.