June 4, 2014


Avril Lavigne Insists "I Do Touch My Fans" at Meet & Greets

via eonline.com
via eonline.com

Remember those hilariously awkward photos of an Avril Lavigne meet-and-greet that went viral last month? According to reports, Brazilian fans paid $400 to stand somewhat near the singer and take a pic to rival Awkward Family Photos.

The pop-punk princess is insisting she does get close with her devoted subjects. Apparently, just not in certain countries.

"I do touch my fans," she told Canadian radio station KiSS 92.5 "My fans are very frisky, actually. In some countries where we've had security breaches, it's a little delicate because of things that have happened with stuff I probably shouldn't get into. 

via eonline.com
via eonline.com

"Sometimes other people ruin it for other people. If there's been a certain circumstance prior to a meet and greet, someone sneaking into a hotel or doing some shady stuff, they have to take extra precautions when people sneak backstage and stuff. I love my fans."

If that long-winded responded confused you, don't feel too bad. The DJ interviewing her took this as an indication that fans can get a hug from the "Hello Kitty" singer. 

"If you meet Avril, feel free to touch!" he said, to which she avoided directly responding. "Well... I love having the opportunity to meet my fans," she said, accompanied by a handful of nervous laughs.

You've been warned, frisky Avril fans. You've been warned.