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The 17 Best Michael Jackson Covers Since His Death

The top tributes to the King of Pop since his passing in 2009.

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The Weeknd, "D.D."

The Weeknd—R&B's voice of nighttime lust—opened his third free album Echoes of Silence with a desolate and desperate sounding cover of the Bad classic. With this song, the Canadian singer-songwriter demonstrated he could drape the music of another artist in his world of atmospheric eroticism, too.

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Tori Kelly, "P.Y.T."

Tori Kelly just dropped her debut album Unbreakable Smile featuring hit single "Nobody Love" and her cover of Frank Ocean's "Thinkin Bout You" has received more than 23 million views on YouTube, but we're equally intrigued by her take on Michael Jackson's "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)."

It takes courage to take on the King of Pop, especially a cut from Thriller. But Kelly is fearless.

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Pentatonix's A Cappella Tribute Medley

Just this week YouTube stars turned global sensations Pentatonix premiered their "Evolution of Michael Jackson" tribute medley. The six-minute long a cappella performance contains bits of 25 different MJ tracks, ranging from his early hits with the Jackson 5 to lesser known songs and of course some of his biggest hits.

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Miguel, "She's Out of My Life"

At the 2016 GRAMMY Awards, Miguel performed Off the Wall classic "She's Out of My Life" alongside the track's original keyboardist Greg Phillinganes. Miguel crooned out the tender tune while vintage footage of Jackson singing the track played over his head. 

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Christina Aguilera, "Dirty Diana"

At a 2011 tribute show, the "Dirrty" singer took on one of Michael Jackson's heaviest songs, "Dirty Diana." Xtina added plenty of vocal belts and hair metal-esque guitar squeals to the classic and practically blew the roof off the joint.

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Bruno Mars, "Billie Jean/Dirty Diana"

It's hard to think of many people who are perfect to cover MJ, but Bruno Mars is, in fact, perfect. Check out this live version of "Billie Jean" from Las Vegas. It's not your typical cover—this one features Mars singing the lyrics over the music of Nirvana's "Smell Like Teen Spirit." The song eventually segues into "Dirty Diana." Creative!

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Imogen Heap, "Thriller"

We're running into a theme here... take a hit MJ single and strip it until it's nothing but bones. That's what Imogen Heap did with "Thriller," making the internationally recognized tune into something of a dirge. This is the sound of heartbreak.

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Melanie Fiona, "Dirty Diana"

Canadian R&B singer Melanie Fiona takes this Bad classic and turns in an impassioned, sultry performance over swooping synths and that distinct '80s-styled guitar soloing. We also dig her "I heart MJ" button!

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Brett Nichols, "Billie Jean" (Dance Cover)

Seventeen-year-old Brett Nichols of Turlock, CA, dazzled his school this year with the most incredible dance rendition of Micheal Jackson's "Billie Jean" since Michael himself moonwalked the earth. Someone uploaded a clip of his talent show-winning performance to YouTube, and it basically broke the Internet. Check out this shaggy-haired kid's moonwalk at the 2:57 minute mark! You'll have to watch it three times to believe it. The boy can move.

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'Glee' Cast, "Thriller/Heads Will Roll"

Melding the King of Pop's signature song with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs 2009 hit was a gutsy move, but the cast of Fox's Glee pulled it off in the recording studio and on the football field, playing zombified athletes dancing amid a championship football game. Did it make sense? Not really. Did it look and sound incredible? Absolutely. 

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Leona Lewis, "I'll Be There"

In Leona Lewis' cover of the Jackson 5 classic, she performs the song as tenderly as possible—it's essentially just her voice and a soft, acoustic guitar. Her vocals reign supreme starting at the three-minute mark. 

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Super Junior, SHINee & Girls' Generation, "Beat It/Bad/Smooth Criminal"

In this three-song medley, K-pop groups Super Junior, SHINee and Girls' Generation pull off impressive covers of three of his biggest hits—but more impressive is the choreography!

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Toro Y Moi, "Human Nature"

The influence of Michael Jackson on the last chillwave musician standing, Toro Y Moi, is undeniable. Cool, sexy synths run rampant in "Human Nature," and in most of Toro's catalog. Basically this cover needed to happen, and we're glad it did.

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The Civil Wars, "Billie Jean"

Ever envision Michael Jackson with a certain melancholic, Americana twang? Probably not, but the Civil Wars certainly did! Check out this surprising, stripped-down cover of "Billie Jean" that feels more Portugal. The Man than King of Pop. 

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5-Year-Old Jonah, "Black or White" (Drum Cover)

Disclaimer: If you don't want to feel untalented, don't watch the above clip. Here an adorable five-year-old completely murders MJ's "Black or White" on... ready for it? THE DRUMS. Rhythm runs through this little guy's veins. Rock on, buddy!

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Kahi, "Dangerous" (Dance Cover)

Moonwalking will be forever near-impossible, but K-pop singer Kahi nails it in this "Dangerous" dance. The crowd, understandably, goes wild. 

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Tony Succar ft. Michael Stuart, "Sera Que No Me Amas"

Peruvian-American composer Tony Succar brought numerous stars together for a Latin music Michael Jackson tribute project called Unity. In the above track, salsa singer Michael Stuart and Succar recast the Jackson 5's disco hit "Blame It On the Boogie" as "Sera Que No Me Amas," a jazzy dance number that's impossible to ignore. 

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