June 29, 2014


Blue Ivy Approved: Watch Beyoncé And Jay Z's Behind-The-Scenes On The Run Tour Clip

What's better than an intimate look at Beyoncé and Jay Z putting the finishing touches on one of the biggest tours of the summer? Their daughter, Blue Ivy, applauding and crying "Good job!" as she watches her crazy talented parents put the finishing touches on one of the biggest tours of the summer.

The Carters released a video chock full of backstage footage that chronicles the preparation behind the On The Run Tour, complete with pyrotechnics, intense rehearsals, Jay giving a fancy spinny chair a ride, free-flying dancers and Bey in all her #FLAWLESS glory. Blue factors into the OTR show big time--"Halo" is basically a beautiful montage to their adorable daughter--so it's kind of great that the tot totally approves of her parents' explosive live show.

The only way this could get any better would be if North West suddenly showed up on a tricycle alongside Blue and declared "IMMA LET YOU FINISH BUT THE YEEZUS TOUR WAS THE BEST OF ALL TIME." Seeing as she's, y'know, an infant, we'll continue to dream while wishing we snagged tickets to OTR.