June 19, 2014


GIF Recap: Big Freedia - Season 2, Episode 2

After issues at Big Freedia's Fader Fort performance at SXSW, last week's episode ended with Freedia unsure if she can rely on either of her two managers...

Set to interview with SiriusXM's Sway in the Morning show, Freedia waits two hours, while neither Melvin nor Renee take any action to speed things up.

Sway personally apologizes and lets listeners know right away why Big Freedia is a big deal:

Sway and co-host Heather B ask Freedia who she's beein working with musically and Freedia reminds everyone of her epic first collabo with the one-and-only RuPaul, "Peanut Butter":

Still not convinced managers Melvin and Renee can handle the job, Big Freedia meets with new potential managers. Freedia wants more success, but also wants to get one thing clear about her goal:

As Team Freedia heads out for their next performance at SXSW, Freedia notices her dancers are stopping a bit too frequently for drinks:

Before even getting to the Fuse Box venue for the show, Freedia's entire Shake Team is clearly twisted:

Having used all their energy, the dancers fall flat at Freedia's second SXSW performance.

Between MIA managers and drunk dancers, Freedia's had enough and calls up potential new manager Rob, inviting him to come meet the team:

Trying to relax and blow off steam, Freedia and Melvin head out to do some thrift shopping in Austin:

Freedia finds the perfect leather jacket that reminds her of something J.J. from Good Times would wear:

Before the final Big Freedia show at SXSW (directly after Lady Gaga!) Melvin decides to have a chat with the Team Freedia dancers and calls them on their lackluster performances so far:

Something Melvin said must've struck the dancers in the right spot because the Stubbs performance turns out to be one of Team Freedia's best shows ever!

Big Freedia ends SXSW on a high note, restoring her faith in her team and excited for the future:

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