June 15, 2014


Bonnaroo 2014 Lineup Guide: Sunday's Can't-Miss Acts

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images
Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

Sunday, June 15

Lake Street Dive @ That Tent, 1:00pm 

Kicking off the Bluegrass Situation's day-long jam, Lake Street Dive basically take everything to love about pop, country, jazz and blues, throw it in a blender and it smooth it to the point where we're all demanding seconds and thirds. 

Fitz & the Tantrums @ Which Stage, 4:15pm 

Whether they're blasting the neo-soul stylings of their beginnings or the dance-floor ready riffs of their later stuff, Fitz & the Tantrums bring a party each and every time they play. "Moneygrabber" may be their classic, but "Spark"—the song they've been opening with lately—is sure to set the stage ablaze at Bonnaroo. 

Arctic Monkeys @ What Stage, 4:45pm 

We're jealous of Alex Turner's greaser quiff and his ability to be so effortlessly cool while belting out some of the most original rock riffs to come out of the UK in years. 

Washed Out @ The Other Tent, 5:45pm 

Gorgeous, synth-washed explorations in sound are the perfect antidote for overdoing it on rock, EDM and hip-hop at Bonnaroo. Ernest Greene's a mad scientist at the laptop, but the stage is where he really shines. 

Broken Bells @ Which Stage, 6:15pm 

Take two major recording heavyweights, throw them in a studio and see what happens: that's the gist of what makes Broken Bells so incredible. Danger Mouse (half of Gnarls Barkley; renowned producer extraordinaire) and James Mercer (of manic pixie dream girl-core mainstays The Shins) are the perfect pair rock needed, and the multitude of genres they explore together make for a pretty rad sound. 

The Avett Brothers @ What Stage, 7:00pm 

Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers, pretty much every neo-folk/Americana outlet out there—they were all inspired by The Avett Brothers before they tied up their boots, picked up their banjos and got to work. The North Carolinians grew up loving the Foo Fighters and channeled their penchant for rock n' roll into a bluegrass-goes-to-the-big-city vibe that's definitely not yer mama's country. 

Wiz Khalifa @ Which Stage, 8:15pm 

Wiz recently dropped his 28 Grams mixtape, and we're thinking Bonnaroo is the perfect place to experience it live. 

Elton John @ What Stage, 9:30pm 

Anybody else get the "LA LA LA LA LAAAAAA"-s from the "Crocodile Rock" chorus stuck in their heads the second they read Elton's name? Nah? Just us? That'll change after you catch the Bonnaroo grand finale Sunday night, where Sir Elton will plow through his greatest hits at the piano.

Saturday, June 14

Valerie June @ This Tent, 1:15pm 

That voice, that banjo, that banter, those dreads: Valerie June's a presence to be reckoned with, and her bluegrass licks are a welcome way to start the day after the late night hip-hop and EDM shenanigans that keep Bonnaroo up 'til sunrise. 

First Aid Kit – @ This Tent, 3:00pm 

First Aid Kit are sister band of magical Swedes whose folk songs are so beautiful they'll stop you dead in your tracks and stun you with their silky harmonies. They also look and act like Disney princesses, so if you see some bluebirds helping them pick up tambourines or perched atop their microphones, do not be alarmed. 

Damon Albarn @ What Stage, 5:45pm 

As Damon Albarn recently dove headfirst into "Song 2" and some of his more beloved hits with Blur and Gorillaz on his current tour, it seems like the rocker will have plenty of surprises in store for fans that fell for him at multiple points throughout his career. 

Chromeo @ Which Stage, 7:30pm 

Dave 1 and P-Thugg are packing up their crazy lady leg-shaped stands, their Ray-Bans and their perfectly-crafted electro-pop to the fields of Manchester and not a moment too soon. White Women continues to make itself known on playlists and dance floors the world over, so we're thinking this could be one of the biggest dance parties at the festival. 

Lionel Richie @ What Stage, 8:00pm 

If someone doesn't pass out those "HELLO IS IT ME YOU'RE LOOKING FOR" flyers with Lionel Richie's face on them, we're going to be very upset. Ms. 

Lauryn Hill @ The Other Tent, 9:30pm 

The '90s nostalgia continues, this time via Ms. Lauryn Hill and the Miseducation that's become a modern classic. The power of "Doo Wop (That Thing)" has only grown stronger with age, so when those horns blare, we'll be too busy jumping up and down like crazed fans to notice anything else in a five-county radius. 

Zedd @ Which Stage, 9:15pm 

The mega DJ converts even the biggest critics of EDM and turns them into fist-pumping, furious dancers. So expect plenty of raised hands and awkward moves from a bunch of people who don't know that Zedd's got two Ds in his name. 

Jack White @ What Stage, 10:30pm 

Technically, Jack White is playing his hometown turf—Bonnaroo's absolutely the biggest festival within an hour of Nashville—and we're hoping some like-minded, blues-hungry guitar god friends of the former White Stripe will make an appearance during an undoubtedly Lazaretto-heavy set. 

Skrillex Superjam @ This Tent, 12:00am 

We don't know how Bonnaroo's first ever EDM Superjam is gonna go down, except we're pretty positive Skrillex is going to bounce around in that spaceship-looking contraption he carts around from show to show. Friends/collaborators Zedd, Chance The Rapper, Janelle Monae, Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley and a bunch of other huge names across multiple genres will join Skrillex for the madness, so brace yourself for the beat drop. 

Frank Ocean @ The Other Tent, 12:20am 

Remember when Channel Orange dropped and everyone fell in love with Frank Ocean and praised his prowess and basically just wanted to listen to everything he'd ever written, ever? That was in 2012. Think of all the genius that's been marinating since then, and all the wonderful surprises we've got in store on the Bonnaroo stage.

Between the two stages and three tents at Bonnaroo, one thing's for sure: acts of every genre are gonna get loud. The 2014 Bonnaroo lineup boasts some icons (Elton John, Lionel Richie), icons in the making (Kanye WestJack White) and scores of soaring voices representing everything from inventive EDM to game-changing hip-hop to the most insatiably addictive pop you've ever heard. It's a hard lot to choose between when it comes to planning your weekend, so we've combed through the schedule to bring you the best of every day at Bonnaroo.

Friday, June 13

Sam Smith @ The Other Tent, 2:15pm

Sam Smith's got star power all his own—that voice, though, seriously—but it doesn't hurt that Mary J. Blige and Disclosure heartily endorse the British R&B sensation with their collaborations. "Stay With Me" is a straight-up heavenly experience live, so bring tissues because a case of the #feelz is on the way.

Danny Brown @ The Other Tent, 4:00pm

Danny Brown's sunset Bonnaroo slot is sure to be one of the rowdiest of the festival. As it's been a minute since Old dropped, we're hoping he's going to tease the crowd with some new material, too.

Janelle Monae @ What Stage, 5:30pm

Making festival crowds swoon is child's play for Janelle Monae at this point, as the Electric Lady herself has done nothing but bring one fantastic set after another to Coachella, Sasquatch and plenty of other major stages. You've gotta be passed out or seriously anti-fun to make it through "Dance Apocalyptic" standing still, and we doubt the Bonnaroo crowd will be an exception to that rule.

Vampire Weekend @ What Stage, 7:30pm

You'd think Vampire Weekend would be tired of "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa," a song that sounds like the soundtrack to a kid's afterschool program straight out of the '80s, but nope! The New York City band continues to inspire dance parties and chipper sets across countless festival stages, and Bonnaroo is merely the latest in a long line of superlative shows for the Modern Vampires of the City.

Kanye West @ What Stage. 10:00pm

It's Kanye. ENOUGH SAID.

Actually, no. There's never enough to say about Kanye, because the Yeezus tour was a revolutionary revelation, and we can't wait to see how he'll shake things up with his current live show after a few months off.

Ice Cube @ Which Stage, 12:00am

Obviously Ice Cube is playing on Friday. That would totally be a missed opportunity, otherwise. Cube makes his return to the stage and will kick off late night activities shortly after Kanye has us all rolling around in the grass in the fetal position moaning about how good he was.

Disclosure @ The Other Tent, 12:00am

Madonna's obsessed with them, so maybe she'll turn up for Disclosure's Bonnaroo set. We'll put money on a Sam Smith cameo as he's playing the same day, and he joined them onstage at Coachella for "Latch," the song that catapulted both he and the UK electronic duo to fame.

Die Antwoord @ The Other Tent, 1:45am

So Die Antwoord may sound and look like a trippy nightmare circus from hell, but at least it's a fun trippy nightmare circus from hell. Yolandi and Watkin produce more adrenaline than the Spanish national soccer team, all while plowing through some seriously chaotic beats and electronic breakdowns. Not for the faint of heart, and that's why we love them.

Chance The Rapper @ That Tent, 2:30am

We secretly hope that Chance gets to meet idol and fellow Chicagoan Kanye at Bonnaroo. We're crossing all fingers and toes that Kanye will catch Chance's set, too, because he'll probably be the only one at Bonnaroo who won't make it a point to catch the "Pusha Man" in action otherwise.

Thursday, June 12

Cass McCombs @ This Tent, 5:30pm

Ease into your four-day music marathon with some earnest, approachable songwriting from Cass McCombs. March's Wit's End delivers McCombs at his off-kilter best with swampy, driving blues, but we're thinking "Big Wheel" will go over especially well in blazing Tennessee sun.

Thao & the Get Down Stay Down @ This Tent, 7:00pm

Thao Nguyen is one of the most euphoric and thought-provoking artists out there, in that her super-cheerful melodies are paired with cutting, raw lyrics that make you do a double-take over a single ukulele strum. Sure, "Beat" and "We The Common" are bubbly and head-bobbable, but if you actually listen to what Thao's singing, you'll get exactly what she's trying to say—which is that the darkest things go way deeper than the surface of a sunny chord.

MS MR @ The Other Tent, 7:45pm

Powerful pop with a decidedly anti-BS spin. You're not gonna get traditional love songs and predictable party anthems from MS MR. What you will hear is a band that embraces everything from classical violins to heavy bass to wind chimes to come up with a modern musical brew all their own. (Also, Lizzy Plapinger's Technicolor hairdo? It's kind of the best.)

Cloud Nothings @ This Tent, 8:30pm

Distorted, frenzied power chords make for the perfect sunset soundtrack at Bonnaroo, and that's exactly what Cloud Nothings bring to the table. Here and Nowhere Else recalls the strengths of mid-'90s pop-punk without the hyper nostalgia, and that energy was tailor-made for a festival crowd like Bonnaroo's—even if it inspires a mosh pit or two.

Banks @ This Tent, 10:00pm

Intensity is the name of the game with Banks, as demonstrated by the hypnotic sonic escapes that earned her critical acclaim, a major label deal and nearly overnight success just last year. Her forthcoming full-length debut, September's Goddess, is one of the most talked-about releases of the year already, so it's a good thing she's road-testing the captivating new stuff at a ton of festivals!

J Roddy Walston & the Business @ This Tent, 11:30pm

Thrash around like a maniac, pound a beer and scream your voice hoarse... and only then are you vaguely on J Roddy Walston & the Business' level. Straight-up rock n' roll riffs with a gritty growl and charming sing-along choruses? All about it, especially as they're one of the few bands repping Tennessee on the 'Roo lineup.

Pusha T @ The Other Tent, 12:15am

The Re-Up boss, Kanye collaborator and all-around rap impresario hasn't dropped anything since last year's critically adored, star-studded My Name Is My Name, so get ready for some serious fire. (And some potential guest stars. If Yeezus walks on stage? Freak out central!)

Ty Segall @ This Tent, 1:00am-2:00am

The face-melting hour comes at 1am with Ty Segall, so either show up with earplugs or get ready for some merciless shredding. Segall's got his next opus coming out in August (Manipulator, via Drag City), and his Bonnaroo set will serve as the official launch of his international tour behind it.

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