June 30, 2014


Busta Rhymes & Eminem's "Calm Down" Is Worth Freaking Out Over

When we spoke to Busta Rhymes back in February, the legendary rapper told us his upcoming album Extinction Level Event 2 wasn't just a regular release—it was destined to become a classic in his catalog. "This is a legacy album," he explained. "That's why it's taken four years to record it."

"Calm Down," his just dropped Eminem collabo from ELE 2, is here, and it proves Busta wasn't exaggerating. Using the intro horn riff from House of Pain's smash hit "Jump Around" as a chopped sample, Busta growls some of the best lines he's written in years: "I'm chopping your foot off / Now it's mine and I'm putting my feet up / Back to the hood and off to the whylin' / I'm hoping you protect your child."

Eminem's verse on "Calm Down" is hardly just a feature—Slim Shady comes in at 3:05 and takes over the rest of the song with some of the craziest, cleverest lines he's put on a guest verse in many years. 

As always, he presents a conflicted character, calling himself a "rich Democrat" just after delivering a joke-y line about Clive Davis coming out as bisexual. Is he mocking Davis? Mocking homophobia? Or is he just using "bi" as a punchline? As with Em, it's hard to say, but he's in top form here, delivering jokes that would put him at the top of his clowning class: "Hey Mrs. Abraham Lincoln / Other than your husband's f—king brains that were leaking, how'd you think that play was this weekend?"

Listen to "Calm Down" above and prepare yourself for the possible release of ELE 2 this weekend.