June 2, 2014


"Humbled" Chris Brown Released Early From Jail

Paul Buck-Pool/Getty Images
Paul Buck-Pool/Getty Images

He's baaaaackChris Brown was freed from a Los Angeles County jail around midnight Sunday night, the L.A. Sheriff's deputy announced. The R&B star was let out more than three months early.

The singer had been in custody since mid-March for violating his probation, a supervision that extends back to February 2009 when he assaulted then-girlfriend Rihanna. Brown was arrested on May 9 after being expelled from the court-ordered rehab for rule violations. After admitting the violation, his sentence was extended to 365 days with credit for 234 days already served via the court-ordered rehab, time in jail and credit for good behavior.

Hours after his release, Brown posted a trio of thankful tweets, writing that he was "Humbled and Blessed" and that it was time for him to get "back to the music and the fans." As well as a quick, "Thank you GOD."

Is Breezy really humbled and will he really get back to his music and fans? We're still (eagerly) awaiting his double album X and that Ariana Grande duet...