June 7, 2014


Listen to Disclosure's New Remix Of Pharrell And Jay Z's "Frontin'"

Christopher Polk/Getty Images
Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Despite the fact that UK dance duo Disclosure are hard at work on the festival circuit this summer, they're still taking to their laptops with determination and coming up with new spins on favorite old songs. They just dropped a remix of Pharrell and Jay Z's "Frontin'", and there's more to the track than meets the eye.

Yes, it's a killer collaboration, but "Frontin'" was a major breakthrough for Pharrell in that it brought him from the booth to the microphone long before his own solo debut. Kickstarting his producer-to-performer transition, "Frontin'" brought Pharrell into the open as an artist in his own right, and it's interesting to think of how the collab played a part in the creation of the hip-hop and production prodigy. Would we have "Happy" without "Frontin'"? Maybe, maybe not, but either way, Disclosure's treatment of the track is pretty solid. Give it a go below.