June 21, 2014


Ed Sheeran Continues To Rap His Way Through 'X' With "Take It Back"

Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Clear Channel
Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Clear Channel

Sheerios, we hope you're in the mood for rap set to the moody strains of Ed Sheeran's acoustic guitar, because hey! You're getting more of it!

Earlier this week, Sheeran dropped "The Man" off his forthcoming X, a song in which the ginger/Taylor Swift BFF rhymes while getting dark about his dashed dreams of a life with a woman he loved. Now, more tracks from X have been released, including "Take It Back." In three minutes, Sheeran is still scorned, but he's spitting fire as vents about nine hundred million different things, from sleeping with movie stars to favoring dive bars to the major arenas he's headlining. He's "not a rapper, just a singer with a flow," and we'd tend to agree. (That line about being a "singer [we] never want to see shirtless" is a little mean though, Ed! Give yourself a break!)

MTV is easing into X by posting songs off the album this weekend, so dive into "Take It Back"--as well as "Even My Dad Sometimes" and "Shirtsleeves"--in the meantime.