June 5, 2015


Harry Styles One Direction Fan Fiction Series Gets Writer

Dave J Hogan/Getty Images
Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

UPDATE (6/5): We're one step closer to the Harry Styles fanfic movie, aka film perfection! Vulture reports that the flick has a writer, Mom's Susan McMartin. Get stoked!

UPDATE (10/23): The One Direction fan fic turned 2,500-page novel After has finally settled on a name to disguise heartthrob Harry Styles: introducing Hardin Scott, the bad boy of your dreams! Rolling Stone reports After will arrive in four installments, the first around 500 pages and featuring "cleaned-up prose and longer sex scenes" beginning in November with additional segments in December and February. Oh and Paramount Pictures has acquired the movie rights. 'Tis a good time to be a Directioner!

Original Story: For One Direction fans, life just got a whole lot steamier! A popular online fan fiction series centered around Harry Styles will be published in print and on eBook later this year under the title After. That's right—Harry porn is getting literary.

According to Publisher's Weekly, Simon and Schuster purchased the series for a "mid-six figure deal" and acquired Wattpad's "world and audio rights." So if reading isn't your bag, you might be able to grab this sucker in audiobook format.

For those unfamiliar, Anna Todd's series tracks the life of 18-year-old Tessa Young, a "college student with a simple life, excellent grades and a sweet boyfriend." Apparently everything about the teen pretty straight-laced until she meets "a rude boy named Harry, with too many tattoos and piercings who shatters her plans."

The book will replace Harry's name with another that begins with an "H," but Tessa's name will remain the same.

Fanfic moving into more official media isn't a new thing. The immensely popular Fifty Shades of Grey started as Twilight fanfic. Will After become as popular?

Here's a taste of the book:

"You're getting feistier every time we talk, Theresa," Harry said.

"If you call me Theresa one more time.." I warn and he laughs. I try to picture him without all his tattoos and piercings, he is actually attractive but his personality ruins him."

"Stop staring at me," he says and turns the corner, disappearing before I can think of a comeback."

Is it getting hot in here?