June 17, 2014


Watch Jennifer Hudson & Timbaland "Walk It Out" In New Video

As if Jennifer Hudson owning sky-high scales, belting out real talk and serving it up with more attitude and street style than we can handle wasn't already enough, she's doing all of that and collaborating with Timbaland on her latest! 

"Walk It Out" features J. Hud swaggering out on Chicago streets, telling dudes what for, brushing off opportunities for casual hook-ups in favor of substance, all while doling out a hefty dose of the truth: "If you wanna get with me / You gotta work for me / Now baby, get at it!" 

We're hypnotized, and for good reason. "You gotta treat me like a lady." Like we'd dream of doing anything but! (Additional points for Timbaland's raging case of crazeye at the jump.)