June 9, 2014


A Kurt Cobain-Inspired YA Novel Is On The Way

Get ready to cringe. YA novelist Sarah McCarry is incorporating the story of Kurt Cobain's life—and tragic death—into her upcoming book Dirty Wings. The novel follows two teen runaways, Cass and Maia, who navigate a world of romance, music and deviance. Your move, Nirvana fans. 

According to MTV, Cass—the Cobain-inspired love interest—"sells his soul to make music and ends up taking his own life." Ummm.

Here's a sneak peek. Check out a longer excerpt at MTV.

"Each stroke of the brush soothes her. She looks at them in the mirror: Cass, raggedy and impish; her own smooth, solemn face with the black hair covering her like a coat of crows’ wings.

“You sure about this?” Cass’s reflection says to hers. “This is a lot of hair to grow back.” 

“I want to know who’s underneath it.”

Teen romance is good and all, but let's hope readers don't walk away from this book with a romantic view of suicide.