June 8, 2014


Listen To Lana Del Rey's "Brooklyn Baby"

Boys in Brooklyn bands, dark, deep bass and one haunting echo of a voice: all of these factors come to work on Lana Del Rey's "Brooklyn Baby," and the latest offering from Ultraviolence has the singer returning to a relatable lounge act.

We bet her jazz collection is, in fact, "rad," and that Lana would absolutely date a dude playing guitar in a Brooklyn rock act while she wears a flower crown and sings Lou Reed songs. Like the rest of Ultraviolence, this video--well, audio only, for now--embraces a black and white aesthetic, a seemingly minimalist direction paired with the lush and super produced tracks of the record.

This is the fourth song released off Ultraviolence, following the title track,
"Shades of Cool" and "West Coast." Ultraviolence drops June 17 via Interscope.