June 4, 2014


Lana Del Rey Returns to Her Orchestral Pop Roots on "Ultraviolence"

Earlier today, we learned that Lana Del Rey is not that into feminism and doesn't mind a bit of "hardcore love" from time to time. Now, we know her theories on ultraviolence. 

Moments ago she premiered the title track on Zane Lowe's BBC radio show, and the clip is a true return to Lana's airy, orchestration-heavy roots that we LDR fans came to love on Born to Die

The song is a slow, sweeping pseudo-love ballad that features her musing on being "being blessed with beauty and rage." She also touches on poison ivy, death, true love, sirens, New York and why being hit feels like a kiss. Whew. 

Some therapy's now in order after this sonic doozy. 

Check out the new track below. Ultraviolence is out June 17.