June 1, 2014


Liam Payne On One Direction's Pot Smoking Video: "We All Do Stupid Things At This Age"

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

In the wake of the scandal surrounding the video that had One Direction's lawyers scrambling, the boy band has received a ton of flack for smoking pot, saying some pretty dumb things and tarnishing their reputation for their fans and the press. Liam Payne--1D's most fervent Tweeter--took to social media yesterday to call out a reporter's take on the situation, and he apparently had a lot on his mind about the whole thing.

Line by line, Payne goes through Jan Moir's 1D takedown via the Daily Mail, taking issue with her lack of "research" before addressing the video directly. Clearly, Moir hit a nerve. After reaming the reporter out, Payne continues to cite One Direction's lack of maturity ("We are only in our 20's we all do stupid things at this age") and the pressures wrought by their meteoric careers ("We all have a lot of growing up to do in an extreme circumstance") as factors contributing to the existence of the  pot-smoking video in the first place.

One Direction hasn't made an official statement regarding the incident beyond "This matter is in the hands of our lawyers." Read Payne's tweets below.