June 19, 2014


What Retirement? Lil Wayne Releasing 2 New Albums This Year

Prince Williams/FilmMagic
Prince Williams/FilmMagic

You might love Lil Wayne, but you can't trust him. 

Despite insisting he was retiring after Tha Carter V numerous times, the YMCMB all-star revealed he's dropping two albums this year on yesterday's installment of Weezy Wednesdays.

"This year, not only will I be dropping Tha Carter V, I'm dropping two albums," Wayne told fans. "Look forward to two albums from me because I've been out the game for a second."

The New Orleans legend says he simply has too much material to put on one record. "Honestly, the reason why it became two albums is because I went work on Tha Carter V and I don't stop working. So it’s either Carter V would be 93 songs, or we're gonna have to figure this out."

For the record, Lil Wayne has repeatedly said Tha Carter V will be his final album unless someone offers him $30 million—and it's fair to assume that hasn't happened yet. After all, it's one thing to give Wayne millions to record an album after years of retirement, but giving him $30 million to release an album just a few months after Tha Carter V? Very unlikely.

Of course, it's possible he's getting around his retirement promise and releasing this second new album before the already-confirmed Tha Carter V. In that case, it's conceivable Weezy will delay The Carter V for another decade while releasing new records. Which, honestly, would be fine with us.